Personal Brand Strategist . Happiness Messenger . Entrepreneur

Happiness ! is her forte.

Management, branding,  catalyzing startups, rebooting SMEs, visual communication, team motivation and personal branding are her areas of expertise. Preceded by education in USA and a shining tenure in senior management with the best of international brands; she has proven her acumen as an entrepreneur. A dynamic change-maker and Keynote Speaker par excellence.


Happy Speaker

Making audience love life, laugh out loud and be alive. A keynote speaker with the Happy Streak. If you wish your team, your audience to enjoy, learn and retain the knowledge being shared, then Iza Jameel is your ambassador for powerful and pragmatic learning.


HappySouls Branding

Communication Gap is not only in generations; the widest is found between business owners and creative professionals. The former is focused on highlighting the product and the latter is distracted with the infinity of design. HappySouls Branding bridges the gap.


Personal Coach

An experienced personal brand strategist, when Iza sets out on the journey of inspiring a personal brand for you— its an amalgamation of your true values, your professional polestar, your persona at its best, your dynamic singularity and a soul that inspires happiness.


Team Energizer

A corporate event, annual team meet or a training workshop –if you want your team to enjoy, retain and implement what they learn, then Iza’s powerful, fun, action packed modules are your answer. We aim to guide and motivate your team for greater performance, productivity and brand value.